How do I get a refund?


This will walk you through the process of getting your refund:

How To Get A ClickBank Refund

ClickBank is our vendor but it is simple to get a refund through ClickBank.

These are the steps you need to take to get your refund from ClickBank:

1. Find the original e-mail receipt sent from ClickBank for the product you bought. You can always do a subject search for “Receipt for your Clickbank Order”

2. Find the CUSTOMER SERVICE section of your receipt e-mail (It is below the TECHNICAL SUPPORT section). Near the top of the Customer Service bit is a link, clicking this will bring you directly to your product support page.

3. From this page click on the Get Support icon.

4. This is where you can pick your support request type. You want to select refund.  As long as you are in the standard 60 day ClickBank money back period this shouldn’t be a problem.

5. Finally you need to give a reason for your refund request. 

Submit your refund request and that is just about all there is to it. One thing worth keeping in mind is that ClickBank refunds are not processed straight away. It can take a couple of days (although in my experience it was just under 24 hours) to get your ClickBank refund so be patient. 

Thank you for giving us a fair shot!

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