Can I get a physical copy of this book?



Old School New Body is NOT available in bookstores!  There is currently no physical book.  The only way to get this revolutionary program is by ordering the E-Book online.

This E-Book is in Adobe "PDF" format, which can be read on any computer; PC's and MAC's. All you need is the Acrobat reader software, which is already installed on most computers (or can be downloaded free).  Since it is a PDF it takes up very little space on your computer.

The E-Book is fully printable too. (Some people even get their book bound, or they just stick the pages in a 3 ring binder). You can even upload the E-Book into most hand held devices and PDA's!

Welcome to the Old School New Body Family!!!

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    Felice Caswell

    I think your books & other materials should be in print form & sent in the mail for those who prefer it. I don't mind paying postage costs. It is very misleading when you show these materials in notebook and book form. I assume that you will mail it. Aside from having to download it, it is very difficult and uncomfortable for me to sit in front of my desktop computer for hours in order to read everything. Please make it clear in the beginning that it will only be by email. Also, I resent it when you present a product for ordering and I pay for it, then you try to sell all these additional add-ons.
    Why don't you offer it all in the beginning without payment and let us choose what we want?
    We are in the process of changing our telephone line svce. If you send something to the above address and it is returned, please use
    Thank You Felice Caswell

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